Some recent pics in the yard, at the ATL car show and a weekend trip to Savannah, GA.
Recent Kid Pics
Oh the beauty...Sekh Kababs
The preparation is half the battle.
“I’m waiting for the food Daddy!”
“Oh Oh! I can burn sticks!”
Must baste with oil to give it flavour.
The girls playing.
“This grass stuff feels funny in my toes.”
“Oh yummy!”
“Look at my bum!”
“We’re matching!”
“I want to drool on you.”
Nasya is showng her how to dance.
Dancing during dinner.
The princess...any questions?
Wow! They’re not fighting...3..2...1.
“I want to eat your camera.”
Wooo! Cheeseburger!
Thats my boy!
“Daddy when Im 16...can I have this?”
“This is how I roll.”
“Dad, this truck is fun!”