My buddy and I went to visit my brother who is studying in Hungary. First we stayed in Budapest for a few days then headed to Szged where his University is. Good times had by all.
Magyar Köztársaság
Old streets of Budpest
Church bell tower near our hotel
Saquib and a big statue in Budapest
Look how shiney they are!
Another Church in the Budapest landscape
Me and Gorgey Artur
Saquib and the castle district sunset
Budapest parliament on the Danube River
Bridges that...uh..bridge Buda and Pest
The bridge at night.
Fancy birdy
Beethhoven played at the local music hall
The Music hall in Buda
Saquib and the one side of the Hero’s Square (important Hungarian warriors)
The other side of Hero's Square
Warrior on horses holding an evil snake!
Museum had a Dali exhibit going on
Saquib chilling on the bus tour of Budapest
Hungary’s Lady Liberty “Mindazok Emlekere Akik Eletuket Aldoztak Magyarorszag Fuggetlensegeert S Zabadsagaert Es Bolodgulasaer”
The creature in his natural habitat
Andrew and Saquib doing ...nothing.
The three amigos at  Virag Kafe
Szeged Turkish Thermal Baths
Very pretty and huge water tower in Szeged
Yeah, Saquib we’re done soon.
Good luck waiting for that bus...
Saquib's always late even with 2 Clock towers!
Szged Medical school courtyard.